April 22, 2022 1:35 pm, Updated Machine Fees by AMTEC

Agricultural MachinesTesting FeeApply for Testing
Abaca StripperPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Agricultural TrailerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Bagging MachinePhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Baler MachinePhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Birds Bangers RepellentPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Biomass FurnacePhp. 10,000.00How to Apply
Biomass ShredderPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
BrushcutterPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Cage RollerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Captive BoltPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
CentrifugePhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Chipping MachinePhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Coconut Coir DecorticatorPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Coconut Oil ExpellerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Coffee Huller, Cacao Huller/ CrackerPhp. 9,500.00How to Apply
Coffee PulperPhp. 9,500.00How to Apply
Cold StoragePhp. 18,500.00How to Apply
Colloid MillPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
ComposterPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Corn Mill for FoodPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Corn PickerPhp. 11,500.00How to Apply
CrusherPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
CrystallizerPhp. 17,500.00How to Apply
CutterPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Disinfection Machine/Big SprayerPhp. 18,500.00How to Apply
Dehairing MachinePhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
DehiderPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
DehullerPhp. 9,500.00How to Apply
Dehusked Corn DryerPhp. 17,500.00How to Apply
Dehydrator, EvaporatorPhp. 17,500.00How to Apply
DiggerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Harrow (disc, spring-tooth, spike-tooth)Php. 7,000.00How to Apply
Disc/Moldboard PlowPhp, 7,000.00How to Apply
DozerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Drilling RigPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Drone Sprayer, Other Agri SprayersPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Dryer (for copra, noodle, sea cucumber, etc)Php. 17,500.00How to Apply
Dryer (operation >10hours)Php. 18,500.00How to Apply
Farm CarrierPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Feed MixerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Fiber DecorticatorPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Field CultivatorPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
FoggerPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Four-Wheel TractorPhp. 22,000.00How to Apply
FryerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Fruit DryerPhp. 17,500.00How to Apply
FurrowerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
GPSPhp. 900.00How to Apply
Grain CollectorPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Granular Fertilizer ApplicatorPhp. 16,000.00How to Apply
Granule ApplicatorPhp. 16,000.00How to Apply
Grater, GranulatorPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Grinder, Pulverizer and Hammer MillPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Hand PumpPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Harvester (Implement)Php. 8,000.00How to Apply
Harvester (Self-Propelled)Php. 13,500.00How to Apply
Heated-Air Mechanical Grain Dryer <= 2TPhp. 17,500.00How to Apply
Heated-Air Mechanical Grain Dryer > 2TPhp. 18,500.00How to Apply
Hog Electric StunnerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Hog RestrainerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Hog ScalderPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Land LevelerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Leaf BlowerPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Lever-Operated Knapsack SprayerPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Levee MakerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
LoaderPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Moisture Content MeterPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Mechanical Rice ThresherPhp. 10,000.00How to Apply
Mechanical Rice Transplanter (Ride-On)Php. 10,000.00How to Apply
Mechanical Rice Transplanter (Walk-Behind)Php. 10,000.00How to Apply
MicroMillPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Milking MachinePhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Mist BlowerPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Mist PolisherPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Multicrop Juice ExtractorPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Multicrop MicroMillPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Multicrop Washer PeelerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Paddy CleanerPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Paddy HaulerPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
PanelPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Panel w/ PumpPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Paver MachinePhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Peanut ShellerPhp. 10,000.00How to Apply
PelletizerPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
PlatformPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Power Sprayer for MangoPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Power Operated Corn ShellerPhp. 10,000.00How to Apply
Pump, PumpsetPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
PresserPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Rice Drum SeederPhp. 16,000.00How to Apply
Rice MillPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Rice ReaperPhp. 11,500.00How to Apply
RoasterPhp. 9,500.00How to Apply
Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS)Php. 7,000.00How to Apply
Rotating Sprinkler HeadPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Rubber CreperPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Rubber for Rice MillPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Seeder and PlanterPhp. 16,000.00How to Apply
Seed BroadcasterPhp. 16,000.00How to Apply
Seed ClasifierPhp. 9,500.00How to Apply
Seed CleanerPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
SlicerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Small EnginePhp. 20,000.00How to Apply
Soil AugerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Solar Pump Size 3Php. 9,000.00How to Apply
Solar Pump Size 4Php. 10,000.00How to Apply
SorterPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Splitting Saw For Hog Carcass/ Large RuminantsPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Stubble ShaverPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Stunning Box/ Knocking Pen Php. 8,000.00How to Apply
SubsoilerPhp. 7,000.00How to Apply
Walking-Type Agricultural Tractor With LaboratoryPhp. 19,500.00How to Apply
Vacuum KettlePhp. 12,000.00How to Apply
Walking-Type Agricultural Tractor without Laboratory (Lowland)Php. 8,000.00How to Apply
Walking-type Agricultural Tractor without Laboratory (Upland) Php. 7,000.00How to Apply
SPIS.Php. 10,000.00How to Apply
Forage ChopperPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
Electric MotorPhp. 20,000.00How to Apply
Fans and BlowersPhp. 20,000.00How to Apply
Other Sheller, ThresherPhp. 10,000.00How to Apply
Oil Mills for other GrainsPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
Overhead Rail System for Hogs/ RuminantsPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Paddy CleanerPhp. 9,000.00How to Apply
WeederPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply
Wind Powered Water PumpPhp. 13,000.00How to Apply
WinnowerPhp. 8,000.00How to Apply