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Test Application Process

How to apply for agri-fishery testing:

  • One test application is needed per machine and per model.
  • Submit the duly filled-out AMTEC Test Application Form (AMTEC-OP-F1), together with the following attachments: any document indicating the machine specifications, Waiver for Machine Specifications (AMTEC-OP-F16), Data Privacy Consent Form (AMTEC-OP-F18), and Waiver for Engine Disassembly (AMTEC-OP-F15) if engine testing.
  • One duly-signed Data Privacy Consent Form (AMTEC-OP-18) only is required per company, not per test application.
  • Wait for the approval/disapproval of your test application within five (5) working days. An AMTEC Representative will contact you for further instructions.


Dear Clients and Colleagues

Citizen’s  Charter

NAMDAC Resolution No. 16


#AMTECThroughTheYears: AMTEC Celebrates its 45 Years in Public Service

By: Cielo Anne Pabella

The Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center (AMTEC) concluded its month-long 45th anniversary celebration on August 12 with the theme, “AMTEC through the years of serving the agricultural and fishery sectors in the country towards sustainable development and global competitiveness”.

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